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zacne mydlo

The Manufaktura was created out of love for the mother of nature.
It's a combination of crafts, passion and love for natural products that have grown for years in me. The formation of the brand was, so dictated by the needs of the heart and... Skin. I love nature and believe in its charitable effect on our beauty and health that why I use only high quality natural ingredients. My soaps, butters, creams are formed from start to finish by hand in small batches, so that every cube, every jar, is unique. Thanks to specially prepared recipes, my products moisturise, nurture, and provide minerals and vitamins to your skin, keeping it healthy and young or treating its inflammation. So let yourself be hijacked by colors, textures, and believe that what's in nature is the best thing for your skin.



All Manufaktura Zacnego Mydla products comply with current EU Regulations and are registered on CPNP


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